Management you can rely on

A comprehensive service tailored to your needs

We do not believe in doing things by half measures, that is why we have tailored a complete property management service for Landlords, removing the day-to-day hassle of taking care of your property. 

At Simply Lettings, we endeavor to provide a quality, honest and transparent service to our Landlords. We appreciate the need to keep your costs down, whilst providing an excellent service to you and your Tenants.

We have an experienced team of suppliers who offer us very competitive rates for any maintenance, and unlike other agents, we not charge commission on top of your monthly fee to organise repairs

We also offer our Landlords access to an online portal where you can view all financial information relating to your property portfolio, including what rental income has been received, sent to you and what fees and expenses have been incurred. Access can also be given to your accountant to help make year end accounts simpler.

Look no further! 
Our team is exceptionally experienced in dealing with all tenancy types, whether you’re looking to let to DSS families, professional sharers, students and more; we’ve got you covered.

We will complete all of the paperwork, and offer assistance to both you and your Tenants wherever we can to ensure the tenancy is hassle free for everyone from start to finish. We can also help you to identify what tenant type will be the most suitable for your property, minimising voids, thus maximising your returns.

To ensure we find you suitable long term Tenants at the soonest opportunity, we do not aim to profit from signing/re-signing fees as most Agents do. Tenants are not deterred by fees, all we ask is that they cover the cost of a credit check if applicable. As a company, we pride ourselves on high Tenant retention in all of our properties, so that you don’t have to worry about void periods, council tax and more.

Building lasting relationships with Tenants can be a lengthy, but very rewarding process and is vital to succeeding in a high Tenant retention rate for your property. We keep in touch with Tenants frequently to ensure they are still happy in their home.
If you think you could benefit from our full management service, or would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Clean Houses

A little thought can go a long way. A professionally cleaned house will give the potential tenants the reassurance that they are dealing with a company that takes pride in its properties and has a Landlord that cares. This is the difference between attracting great tenants and not so great tenants!

A Safe House

Safety is paramount in this business! Dealing with those that have children or are elderly means that a landlord has a responsibility of care. It is noticed amongst tenants when a landlord honours obligations and looks after a house. Many of our tenants become long term tenants for this reason and tell us that the only way they are leaving is in a box!


A Secure House

Keeping a property secure is one element that many landlords forget. Keeping both the property and the Tenant protected pays dividends over the years, unnecessary losses and damage soon add up. Just a little planning goes a long way.

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